Tablets = Drinks
Citrus flavored
1 to 4 tablets per day

Fast absorption for recovery
Light molecular
weight of 374 Dalton

Made from fresh salmon
Great citrus taste
Keto friendly

Immunity boost & energy
Vitamins, minerals & electrolytes

Muscle nutrition
25 aminos with majority
free-form & di- & tri-peptides

Only 17 calories per tablet,
no caffeine or sugar

Contributes to
increased endurance and
less soreness

Real-time recovery.

Real-time recovery.

Real-Time Recovery (RTR)

Unbroken® RTR is a unique product made of fresh Norwegian salmon and stacked with naturally beneficial ingredients:

  • 25 amino acids with 60% in free form and 40% given over to short-chain peptides (di- and tri-peptides)
  • Includes 9EAA, BCAA, and Creatine AA
  • 11 vitamins & micronutrients: high levels of B12, Zinc and Selenium

Unbroken® RTR is made by taking the natural enzymes in the salmon to break down the protein into shorter chain molecules with average 374 Dalton.

Your body wastes little to no time and energy on digestion, allowing you to start your recovery only minutes after consumption.

That way you can be recovering when your body is under stress and supporting your immune system too.

That’s what we proudly call real-time recovery (RTR) and is your fast absorption for feeling great!

Tested by Informed Sport®

Professional athletes rely on Informed Sport®, a quality assurance program testing for substances prohibited in sport against WADA banned substances. Every batch of Unbroken® RTR is tested before release to market. You can be confident your reputation is in safe hands.

Informed - We Test You Trust