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Survivalrun and Unbroken: Enhancing Muscle Health and Energy

“I have been competing in the adult category Survivalrun for the last two years. Prior to this I was competing in the youth category. This sport is from the Netherlands and is also practiced In Germany and Belgium. It is an endurance sport where you have challenging obstacles when running through natural terrain. The obstacles can vary from ropes, wooden beams  , walls, nets to water. It pushes physical and mental limits.

I do 28 runs a year now. You need to complete 7 runs to qualify for a competition. I personally run two distances – 8km and 13km. I have also tried 25 km. Each competition has around 20.000 people in 3 categories, so there are 9 podium places. In my first year of competing in the adult division, I made podium and I came in 3rd place in the final rankings for my category last year.

I started taking Unbroken in 2022. I really experienced a fast recovery. I felt it in my muscles. Normally I have sore muscles after my training. But the next day I was ready to go again. I can do more. I feel I have more energy throughout the day. Whenever I train, it makes me tired for work and school, but with Unbroken, I now feel it gives me energy throughout the day.  I also take in the evening around 10pm for my overnight recovery. The next morning, I have a lot of energy to start my day. 

I highly recommend Unbroken, whether you are an athlete or for your day-to-day fitness. It’s so important for overall muscle health and energy.”

- Jelmer Oudenaller, Survivalrun Athlete and studying at Johan Cruyff College, for Sports and Coaching

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