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- “I dare to push more because I know I won't be nearly as sore tomorrow as I usually would. I don´t have to hold back to preserve energy for a second session or to make it through a really heavy week either. I can go crazy in every session because I know I will recover well. It's unbelievable.”
A friend of mine told me about this new thing coming out. HE said it was crazy good for recovery. I didn't know what to expect, but I did know that I wanted to try it. As an athlete, you have to be curious about stuff. When he started to talk about it, it started to make sense to me. This product is about recovery. It is one of the most important things to recover, especially at the Games. You are going to do 14 to 16 events in four or five days. Between those events, you not only need to perform, you need to recover for the next thing. I have been training with it for a few weeks now. And I feel much less pain and feel good. What surprised me, my girlfriend and I train together and feel the same. I feel much less muscle soreness the next day.

I have been taking three tablets per day. One in the morning when I wake up, one at lunch and one in the evening. When I increase my training volume, I also increase how many tablets I take a day. When I have a light week, two a day, or heaving training day, three or four.

The difference in the pushing is that I dare to push more because I might not be as sore tomorrow as usual. Its easier to push because I have more in the tank. Now I can add that extra push and that can maybe make me get one half second better at the games.

I had no clue who it was made for. But when I heard it was made for astronauts, it sounded a bit crazy. But when you get the information and facts behind it, you can understand it. But its pretty cool its made for astronauts.

I think anyone can benefit from using this especially if you are doing hard work like a sailor, policeman, fireman, or you train hard in the gym as a boxer, football player, everyone needs to recover if you do hard work. This is a healthy way to do it. I think it would benefit so many people.

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