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- “It’s not only that I feel much more recovered the day after, but this also boosts my training. I can push so hard since it takes me such a short time to fully recover between sets and intervals.”


I think when people tell you about a new product that‘s supposed to be that has has more effect than most other product, you get a little sceptical. Because you don‘t want to take anything that may be illegal.

I was very sceptical about Unbroken before using it. People might say to you that they might work incredibly well, but you don‘t feel any difference.

As soon as I started taking Unbroken the first day of training, I found that I wasn´t as sore as usually. I take Unbroken during training as well. I don´t just feel that I get less sore on recovery days, I also feel like it boosts the training up a little bit. When I get tired doing training, doing intervals, I drink it during recovery time and I suddenly it recovers me at the moment. It usually takes just a few minutes to work, at least for me, especially in those high intensity trainings. Then I can feel it immediately works if I just take it in the recovery. That´s what I call Real Time Recovery.


Depending on how much I am training, I may take 3 to 5 Unbroken tablets a day. I usually take one in the morning with my breakfast, two after the first training or during, and one to two after the second training.

I recently really the pushed the products. I was in Spain for training camp for 10 days. We hardly had a recovery day. And throughout those 10 days, I was taking around 5 tablets each day and the benefits were unreal. I felt great in every single session. And even on active recovery days I was probably ready to just go and train again. So I am really feel the effect of Unbroken.


Athletes at a very high level will for sure benefit from taking Unbroken. People in general will also benefit from the product, because before, during and after training, people can always do better. This is very simple. You just need to find a glass, pour some water and put the tablet. It is even easier than a shake or protein. They will have to see the benefits, but I am sure it will benefit whoever takes it.

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