Testimonials & blogsSara Sigmundsdóttir

Crossfit Athlete

“It’s hard to explain but it feels like I recover while I train and that I can push harder than ever. The day after heavy training feels so much better too. This Unbroken stuff is something else!”


My thoughts were that before I started using Unbroken, I had heard so many things about it and it was like a magic thing that could help you. That nothing can ever work that well. Then I tried it and proved myself wrong. And I just got completely hooked. I just feel a huge difference in training and especially during training, taken an Unbroken tablet in between trainings makes a huge different.


I love the taste of Unbroken. I am always excited to take it. I drink a lot of water so just getting a mix of something else than water is just perfect.


When preparing for CrossFit games, I take 3 to 5 a day. One in the morning, I take one after my first sessions, sometimes I add one between workouts, then I take after second training and one before bed. It starts working within five minutes to feel the difference. It is just unreal to have something that is such a clean product, no bad ingredients in it, that’s what I love about it.


I use Unbroken during competitions. I take one tablet in the morning and one after every workout. For example when I competed at Rogue, everyone was getting tired but I was feeling fresh. I just wanted to train after the competition.


The difference in how I can push myself, where I can put more volume in and recovery faster than I used to. When training, I was always stressed for my second sessions after being tired from my first session in the morning. But now for my second session, it will probably be better because I can recover better.

I think that everyone would benefit it. But pro athletes or ones with a lot of volume would find a lot of difference in the beginning. But maybe it takes longer for an average person to feel the difference.