Unbroken® RTR


Advanced muscle recovery and immunity boost with fast, maximum absorption. Used by the world’s fittest athletes before, during, and after exercise.

A unique product made of fresh Norwegian farmed salmon with great natural citrus taste! Unbroken® RTR is stacked with beneficial ingredients: 25 free-form amino acids and di-&-tri-peptides including BCAA, Creatine AA & EAA, and 11 vitamins & micronutrients. For more information, see below.



  • Fast absorption

  • Great citrus taste

  • Immunity boost

  • Muscle recovery

  • 17 kcal per tablet

  • Low cost per drink


Unbroken® RTR’s uniqueness comes from its main ingredient, hydrolyzed salmon protein. The fact that it is hydrolyzed facilitates fast absorption and therefore immediate bioavailability of all of Unbroken® RTR’s beneficial components, and they are plenty!

Along with amino acids in both free form and bound as short peptides, it contains an impressive range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which on their own support and maintain vital functions in the body.

By pairing hydrolysis and the subsequent bioavailability with the Unbroken natural amino blend (free form and short peptides) your body wastes little to no energy on digestion and Unbroken goes straight to work. That’s what we proudly call real-time recovery (RTR). That way you can be recovering while you’re still pushing yourself to the limit.


The idea behind Unbroken® RTR’s unique functionality originated when scientists were trying to solve nutritional problems in relation to space travel. It soon became clear that the product could be of benefit to many, not only astronauts.

Hydrolyzed salmon protein has since been used in the medical field to help people with digestive problems prevent muscle atrophy, with great results.

Once the product had proven its value in health care, manufacturers wondered if it would benefit yet another group whose bodies suffer heavy strain, namely athletes. Especially athletes who want to expand their own limits.

For the last 3 years over a hundred athletes have tried and tested the product and their verdict is in; Unbroken® RTR can help them push harder and reach further.

What is Unbroken® RTR?*

Unbroken® RTR is a nutritional supplement made from natural ingredients. It contains a full range of 25 amino acids and 11 micronutrients that have the perfect profile for human protein synthesis.

Its main ingredient is hydrolyzed fresh salmon protein, which provides amino acids in free form and in short peptides. That form of amino acids means they require minimum time and energy to process; instant muscle nutrition.

When should I take Unbroken® RTR?*

It is considered best to take the Unbroken® RTR tablets at breakfast and before, during, and/or right after training.

How much Unbroken® RTR should
I take?*

1 to 4 tablets daily.

Each tablet to be dissolved in a glass of water.

– General wellness and health: 1 tablet per day, best in the morning.
– Exercise or physical activity: 1 tablet before and 1 tablet during or after exercise.
– Working on your feet all day: 1 tablet in the morning, 1 in the afternoon.
– Strenuous activity – competitions, rehabilitation: up to 4 tablets per day. For example, 1 in the morning, 1 before and 1 to 2 after the activity.

Can I take too much Unbroken® RTR?*

It is recommended up to 4 tablets per day. For higher intake we recommend you consult your doctor.

What does each tablet contain?*

Salmon protein hydrolyzate: 1500 mg
Micronutrients (%RDA): Ca (0.022), CI (1.0), Mg (0.1), P (2.5), K (20.2), Se (14.1), Na (0.8), Fe (1.2), Zn (35.8), I (2.0), Cu (9.1).
Vitamins (%RDA): B1 (0.4), B2 (0.3), B3 (0.5), B6 (0.7), B9 (1.0), B12 (60.0), C (0.9).

Unbroken® RTR Absorption within minutes = Real-time Recovery

– Unbroken® RTR contains all 20 amino acids necessary for human protein synthesis
– Including all 9 essential amino acids (Isoleucine*, Leucine*, Valine*, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Histidine) *These are the 3 that form BCAAs and Glycine, Arginine and Methionine that form Creatine
– Including the 2 semi-indispensable amino acids Arginine and Histidine and including Cysteine
– Including all 9 dispensable amino acids
– Contains additional amino acids vital to other human metabolisms e.g. Cystine, Ornithine, Taurine, Thyroxine
– Essential amino acids are not produced by the body and must be ingested, mainly through food sources, on a daily basis.
– Failure to get enough of even one of them can result in protein degradation because the human body does not store them for later.
– Unbroken® RTR provides over 60% of amino acids in free form and the remainder in short-chain peptides (Average 374 Dalton). Unbroken® RTR can support the immune system as it contains in addition to the amino acids an extensive range of micronutrients including zinc, selenium, iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamins B and C.
– Metabolic optimization for health, performance, and recovery.

What kind of fish is used in the manufacture of Unbroken® RTR?*

Unbroken® RTR is made from clean and fresh Norwegian farmed salmon (salmo salar).

Does Unbroken® interfere with other nutritional supplements?*

No. Unbroken® RTR is a product produced from a natural source. In regards to the high concentration of different micronutrients, you should consult a doctor when taking other nutritional supplements.

I am allergic to fish or seafood. Can I still take Unbroken® RTR?*

Most people who are allergic to fish or seafood tolerate Unbroken® very well. We have never seen an instance of a true allergy with Unbroken® RTR supplementation. Nevertheless, if you have sensitivities or allergies to fish or seafood we recommend that you consult your doctor before using Unbroken® RTR.

Why do Unbroken® RTR tablets take so long to dissolve?*

Amino acids by nature take time to dissolve in water when in tablet format. We recommend breaking the tablet into pieces if you’re in a hurry.

How should I store Unbroken® RTR?*

Unbroken® RTR is a hygroscopic material and must be protected from moisture in order to maintain its products qualities. For extended storage, it is furthermore required that the product is stored in airtight packaging which also protects the product from sunlight.

What is the shelf life of Unbroken® RTR?*

Every package is marked with an expiry date. Once opened store at a temperature below 75°F/25°C and out of sunlight.

Is Unbroken® RTR a meal substitute?*

No. The protein of a recommended daily dose of Unbroken® RTR is not adequate to be considered a source of dietary protein.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.