Testimonials & blogsMaria Ogn Gudmundsdottir

Professional Cyclist and Sales Director at Unbroken

“After my daughter was born, I felt very stiff in the mornings. I ride a lot and somehow with Unbroken, I no longer feel the deep fatigue inside my muscles after strenuous activity. But what I find so crazy about Unbroken is that during long workouts and competitions when I am not able to eat all the protein nutrition that I need, I get the amino acids right into my muscles without taking energy from digestion. It gives me the confidence that I am doing better under the physical load and impact on my muscles, which will support my healthy body for life.”


Unbroken contains hydrolyzed salmon protein which is made from 100% natural fresh salmon from Norway. This is a great solution for all those who want to be sure that their muscles are nourished and want to maintain good health and a good body for the rest of their lives.


Amino acids are involved in muscle protein synthesis and Unbroken contains these 20 vital amino acids that are linked to protein synthesis in the body and five others that play a role in the body’s metabolism. What ensures the unique function of Unbroken is that it naturally breaks down the protein with the enzymes from fresh salmon. This means that the absorption starts immediately 5-10 minutes after you drink, into the bloodstream and directly into the muscles.


Unbroken is for high-achieving athletes, people who do various types of exercise, work hard, as well as those who simply do daily work and are extremely good for middle-aged people who want to maintain muscle endurance but feel that recovery in the system is slowing down. Unbroken has been certified by Informed Sport with several studies such as speed of absorption and on marathon runners.


We generally recommend that people take between 1 to 3 tablets of Unbroken a day, whether before, during or after exercise. Unbroken works well as you exercise and takes little energy for digestion.

Unbroken is in an effervescent tablet form and dissolves in water. It is good to break the tablet in half so that it dissolves faster, but it does not matter how much or how little water you use. It is refreshing to take in ice water, hot water or with citrus tea, because the tablets have citrus flavor.

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