Testimonials & blogsDavid Runar Bjarnason

Ultra-Runner and Head Boxing Coach at Mjölnir

David Runar is first and foremost an ultra-runner constantly seeking new challenges. In June 2022, he ran the Hengill 100 miles challenge (168.5 km) in 31 hours and 17 minutes. This is the longest race he has ever run. A total of seven people were registered for the race, but only two took part and David was the only one to finish the race.

“I am an overactive guy and running ultra-marathons is really the only time I am calm.

I take Unbroken to maximize my recovery and I have experienced good results. I rest better and my recovery is faster. What I have felt most about Unbroken is that the leg irritation, which I often had to deal with in such high and intense training, is now gone. In addition, I find that my body recovers much more quickly from strenuous exercise or competitions.

I always drink Unbroken before sleep, 1 tablet every night, as well as taking 1 to 2 tablets of Unbroken after training and then 2 tablets if I have been taking long exercises or long competitions. When I run in ultra-marathons, I take Unbroken during the race at the rest stations.” – David Runar Bjarnason, Ultra-Runner and Head Boxing Coach at Mjölnir

It’s now time for recovery.